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What You Need to Know About Sugar Gliders Pet

Sugar gliders lie in the same family as Kangaroo or Koala Bear. They originated from the rainforest of Australia and Indonesia. These animals have been bred for the last 12-15 years to produce a household pet. The word Sugar glider came from the characteristics of these animals such as eating sweet things like fresh fruits and vegetables and secondly their gliding membrane that helps them to jump from one tree to the other just like a squirrel. It's good to note that sugar gliders aren't a rodent but they are marsupials.

When sugar gliders are well kept they have more benefits than keeping hamsters, Gerbils, Ferret or squirrels. They also have a long life span of about 12 to 15 years. Their intelligence can be compared to that of dog and cat pets and in case they are trained they can learn their names, and learn different skills. If you feed your Sugar gliders with a proper diet they have no noticeable smell. The other unique characteristic of a Sugar glider is that they are self-cleaning so they don't have to bathe. Be sure to click this link for more info!

Sugar Gliders babies are called Joeys and when they are born they are about a grain of rice in size. After they are born they spend some weeks in their mother's pouch just like it is with Kangaroos. The size of a grown-up sugar Gliders is about 5-7 inches in length without including the tail. They will also weigh is about 6 ounces. Be sure to click here for more info!

Bonding with your Sugar gliders is not an easy thing and it's also not a difficult thing either. It's a process that may take you a few weeks to two or three months. However, you need to know that every sugar glider is different from the other. Click this link to learn more about the tips that will help you to bond perfectly with your Sugar glider. It's advisable to start bonding with your pet when they are young.

You need to find the right website to find more details about sugar glider as pets so that you can make quality bonding and also take good care of them. Many sites providing Sugardliders information some of them can be misleading and that why you must be careful when you are looking for information about Sugar gliders pet. This may include what do sugar gliders eat and on sugar gliders cage. Check on the questions asked by the readers and the answers provided. See this page for Sugar gliders answered questions. Visit this website at for more info about pets.

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